July 01, 2011

Easy Ice Cream Cake

Awhile back, a friend of mine gave me a cake recipe that changed my life.  Really, it did.  I will NEVER, EVER make cake from a box the same again.  The secret is in the ice cream.  No need for oil or water...just 1 pint of your favorite ice cream (thawed), a box of cake mix and 3 eggs.  That's it. Mix, follow baking instructions and you're done.  The hardest part in making this cake is trying to decide what kind of ice cream to buy. The cake is super moist and the flavor combinations are countless. 
MMMM....can't you just see how moist and delicious this is?  There should really be scratch-n-sniff or 4-D computer screens...just saying.

Here's a picture account of the ice cream cake the kids made for Father's Day.  
(Thanks Rach for helping the kids and for snapping all the photos.) 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Funfetti + 3 eggs + 1 pint of Blue Bell Moo-llennium Crunch
Mix in bowl
Enjoy whisk afterwards
Wait, wait and wait.
Decorate to your heart's content with what you got.  
Kid's didn't have enough mini marshmallows to spell out Happy Father's Day 
so they ended up with HFD 
Daddy giving the Price is Right models a run for their money
At the count of 3, we all take a bite...yeah right.  
Maya, our dog, is ready to take a bite if given the chance.
Happy as can be with frosting up his nose.
We all enjoyed a big slice of ice cream cake heaven
It was moooo-velous... 


Amanda said...

Hi Carmen,

I'm going to have to try that cake! Looks delish!!

I gave you the "One Lovely Blog" Award! Go see what that means here:

Have a lovely day!


Racheal Vaughn said...

I tried this cake for this weekends holiday and it was a hit! I used chocolate cake mix and cookies & cream ice cream. Needless to say, cake is GONE! Thank you for the ideas :D

Anonymous said...

My daughter's birthday is in two days and I'll be making this for her. Thanks :D

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