July 20, 2011

Cereal French Toast (Cap'n Crunch vs. Coco Crisp)

I love to watch Diners, Drive-ins' and Dives with Guy Fieri.  About a week ago, the Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore was featured for their Cap'n Crunch French Toast.  Mmmm...those french toast did look yummy.  My sister, who happened to be visiting from Plano, read my mind, "Do you have Cap'n Crunch?"  She winged it; that's just how she rolls. But if you want the recipe, here it is.  Saturday morning we awoke to the smells of french toast with a crunch.  They were delicious.      
She topped the french toast with whipped cream, cinnamon and bananas. The whipped cream melted on the warm french toast before I could get a "pretty" picture...but don't let the wimpy whipped cream fool you, these were GOOD. 
Monday morning, I made Coco Crisp French Toast.  Same recipe; different cereal.  
Talk about a chocolate delight.  This time, I actually stuck the first two french toast in the freezer for a bit just to cool them down before topping with whipped cream.            Ha! Joke was on me...this is all I could get out of the pressured can. So much for a "pretty" picture. Again, don't let this fool you because these too were awesome!
Honestly, I would not be able to pick from the two.  They were both scrumptious.  
But ask my kids and they would say they loved the Coco Crisp French Toast best.  
I think it was the chocolate syrup that won them over.  


Angela said...

Whoa! Awesome recipe! I can hear my kids right now proclaiming me the best mother in world! Love it!! Thanks for linking up to simply creative over at 365days2simplicity.blogspot!


humtv said...

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