April 14, 2011

What Makes a 5 Year Old Happy?

Glow In The Dark Stars!!  My husband and I have been redoing/redecorating our son's room.  Part of the redo was to hang glow in the dark stars from the ceiling.  It is very simple to do.

Here is what you need:

Here is what you do.  Carefully heat the end of the straight pin with the flame of the lighted tea light candle.  Then, poke two holes (at opposite ends) on the stars.  

Because burnt plastic smells awful, make sure you work in a well ventilated area.  Once you finish making all the holes on all the stars, string them up with the fishing wire.  Stringing them up is easy.  Get one star, insert wire into one hole and then out the other.  Continue until you are done with all the stars.  Now the fun part...hang them up!!  I just used the same hooks that were used to hand the airplanes.  You can use hooks, clear tape or even thumb tacks. 

Here is a night view of the glow-y stars. 

Our son L.O.V.E.D. I.T.!  I don't think he got much sleep last night.  I heard him close his door and turn on and off the ceiling light several times.  I can only assume that he was recharging the stars all night long.  I plan on filling in the other side of his room with more hanging stars.


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Afreen said...

Offer her/him his favorite toy or you can try chocolate.

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