April 05, 2011

Some Things Never Change

Growing up, I really never had a “space” of sorts to keep all of my crafting stuff organized.  There were 4 kids sharing 3 rooms so having my own craft room was out of the question.  Everything that I used to make and create was housed in toolboxes.  Just your ordinary, plain as they come, handyman toolbox.  My toolboxes were kept in the washroom. Even my mom, who was a seamstress, didn't have her own sewing room.  She would roll out her sewing table, out next to the dinning room window and sew away into the night.  When company came over, the sewing machine was put away and the dinning room changed from impromptu sewing/crafting room back to it’s dinning room glory.

Same thing would happen with my crafting tools.  For hours, I would get lost among the yarn, glitter, paper and paint. Many times, my siblings would eat in front of the TV because there was no room at the dinning room table.  Of course, they never complained. (Thanks Corina, Marty and Rach.)

Fast forward a couple of years, okay several years, ok, fine…20 years. 

This is my dinning room table when no one is looking.  Of course I made it look all pretty, but in reality, the table is covered with several projects all at once.  And yes, that is a LIFE game board under my sewing machine.  Over the years, bridges, pink and blue people pegs, little red, yellow and green cars, and the mansion got lost.  My kids play “store” with the pretty pastel money and the game board has since gained a new life. (it’s all about recycling, right?)  The game board protects, along with the hot pink fleece under it, my dinning table from scratches.  That laundry basket in the corner is where I keep my current projects.  That clear box on the table is where I keep my current fabric stash. I have many other hiding places for fabric not in use at the moment.  And of course, I have my sewing tool box. Yes it is purple.  I found it in the tool section at Wal-Mart.  I just had to have it.  

And just so you know,
I have three tool boxes.

So, what about you...tell me about your crafting/or lack of crafting space.


Debie Larson said...

I love tool boxes myself...and purple. And I also know about the repurposing of the dining room table- I think we've eaten a grand total of 3 meals on it, but it has served as the foundation for many a wreath or science fair project. I think we as women adapt to our spaces instead of "going West, young man" to find or create more spaces. That in itself is the creative spirit. :)

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Welcome to the blogging world Carmen. Looks like you've got a great start. Thanks for your e-mail!


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