April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ms. Janet!

Today is Ms. Janet's birthday. Ms. Janet is my son's pre-K teacher and she is the most loving, giving, patient, and fab teacher I know.

When I told my son, over the weekend, that Ms. Janet was going to have a birthday on Tuesday, he was super excited and wanted to MAKE Ms. Janet something special.  Notice how I typed "make".  He didn't want to "buy" or "get"; he wanted to MAKE something special for his teacher.  Ahhhh... I have taught them (he and his sister) well.  

A little over a year ago, we implemented a NO BUY policy for gifts.  Any gift we give, whether it's for a birthday, wedding, baby shower...just any gift is MADE by me or the kids or by both. Usually, if I make or sew something, the kids will make the wrapping paper (freezer paper/crayons/markers) and wrap the gift.  

So my son dictated his vision of the perfect gift for Ms. Janet.  First, he wanted me to paint Ms. Janet a t-shirt with a freezer paper stencil of a flower.  Then, he wanted me to sew a matching skirt to go with the t-shirt and he even pulled out a nice fabric from my stash. Last, he added to this ambitious gift giving list a small handmade pillow so Ms. Janet "can put her tooth in and the tooth fairy can give her money".  Um....huh?

The tooth fairy pillow request did me in.  I knew I had to give this child some guidance as to what would be a nice and not too personal gift for Ms. Janet.  I pulled out the fabric paints and note cards.  I left them on the dinning table and set the bait. I sat on the sofa and channel surfed. I waited patiently until, SNAG!! He took it.  "Hey mom, what if I make Ms. Janet a card with my thumbs?" (can you tell we have made these before?) Yes!! All nighter sewing marathon averted. 

So, this is what both he and I came up with.  He picked the paint. I brushed his thumbs with the paint.  He placed it on the card.  I drew in the details.  Done.  My son could not be happier.  And I hope Ms. Janet is happy with her note cards from my son.

My son's thumb prints

My son's thumb prints turned turtles, chicks and birds

Aren't these super cute?

What a couple of swirls can do for a thumb print.


Sachiko said...

What a cute idea, great teacher gift! :)

DM Larson said...

I agree! I know from experience that teachers are often over-looked (especially by the older kids) and this simple, precious thought manifested into reality will be something to remember for both of them. Good Mommy-ing! :)

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