April 02, 2011

Make and Create

For awhile now I have been praying for God to bless my hands in all that I do. This includes preparing meals for my family, cleaning house and crafting. I have always had a knack for details and creativity. I was the one at home that had a tool box full of fabric paints, gems, glitter and ribbons. Everything that I wore sparkled and I loved it. My mom was the seamstress and I was the embellisher. But it didn’t stop there. There were the floral arrangements, the crocheting, the homecoming corsages (if you live in West Texas you know how big these are), the homemade get-well and birthday cards and on and on. By the time I was in my 20’s, I had several tool boxes that housed my “tools of the trade”.

Then Life happened. I got married. I moved across Texas. I worked. I had kids. I didn’t have time anymore. But when my oldest turned one, I made her birthday invitations. I stayed up way past my bedtime for many nights. Folding pretty scrapbook paper, gluing tiny flowers, and making matching envelopes made my heart race. I missed that part of myself.

Eight years later, here I am ready to make and create. So, I give you RoCa and Company. “Ro” are the first letters in my husband’s name; Roberto. “Ca” are the first two letters in my name; Carmen. The “and Company” are our two great kids. RoCa and Company would not be possible if it weren’t for God’s will in my life, my family’s love and support and for you who is reading this. Check in every once in awhile and hopefully you can make and create with me.


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