June 16, 2011

Tooth Fairy in the House...

My son got his first visit from the tooth fairy last night.  It was unexpected but I was prepared. When he was about 5 months old, I found the cutest tooth fairy pillow at Goodwill. It was new and in a clear box.  I bought it knowing that someday we would use it.  

Josh was super excited to place his teeth in the pocket that he ripped the bottom. Gotta fix it for the next visit.
Monday night I noticed my son had "shark teeth". (In my defense, my kids were out of town for two weeks so I didn't notice this but apparently this "condition" or the teeth coming in happens really fast.)   His permanent teeth came out behind the still very much in place baby teeth, so he had two rows of teeth just like a shark.  
 See the resemblance? 

Of course I freaked out all Monday night; searched and Googled all night regarding this.  Called the dentist early yesterday morning; begged to be seen earlier than their next available appointment of July 1st.  So after waiting for a little over an hour (not complaining) he was seen and the not so wiggly baby teeth were pulled out without a hitch.  

Now it's just a matter of time before the permanent teeth move forward into their rightful place. 

And all is right in his world now that the tooth fairy paid a nice price for not one, but two of his pearly whites. 

Joshua was sort of disappointed that he didn't get to meet the tooth fairy.  During breakfast he said that he wanted to make a trap for the tooth fairy for next time...and that he would release her once he met her.  Do I foresee a tooth fairy trap tutorial in my future?  Stay tuned. 

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