June 22, 2011

Pretty in Purple

Here's, yet another, easy shirt refashion that I did for my daughter right before she went on vacation with her aunts.  It's your typical long sleeved, left over from last season, but still very cute and wearable Walmart shirt.

Cut off the sleeves and cut as many long strips out of both sleeves.

Fold strips in half and iron.

Take a folded strip and sew it onto the edge of the sleeve like you would bias tape.  This will add some sort of stability to the sleeve since I wanted to add a "heaviyish" box pleat ruffle to it.

Take a folded strip and box pleat it along the front and edge of the neckline.

Make sure to sew the raw edge facing down and that the folded part is facing up...confused? Just see next picture. This will just give the illusion of a ruffle of sorts...and it looks pretty.

To make it easier to sew, just pin, pin and pin some more.  Just remove pins as you sew along.  Repeat for the sleeves.


Now go find a long sleeved shirt and follow your Heart...err...this tutorial to make a fun shirt for yourself or your neighbor, or niece, or granddaughter, mom, aunt...anyone that likes a good refashion and box pleat ruffles...


Michelle said...

Love the addition of the ruffles! Nice refashion. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Julie said...

I think I will "follow my heart" & try this out :) CUTE as can be!!!

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