December 08, 2011

You Rock #12

Every once in awhile, my lovely kids will sneak off with my cell phone and snap random photos of random things.  Here are two such examples son the sticky-feet-door-frame-climber! 
and this great picture of Joshua making faces during a church service...
Never a dull moment ...
So, are you ready to ROCK IT?!
Here are the very simple to follow rules:
1. Link up something that YOU made: sewing, craft, recipe, anything that you would like to share, etc…
2. Link up to the specific post; not your blog.
3. No linking giveaways or items for sale.
4. Visit and comment/encourage at least one fellow blogger friend.
5. Grab this button and post on your blog or post...just somewhere where others can come and link up as well.

<div align="center"><a href="" title="rocaandcompany"><img src="" alt="rocaandcompany" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

 And just a simple request, it's optional, only if you want, I'm not gonna make you, BUT it would be nice if you would follow RoCa and Company
So you ready to Party?! Let's ROCK this place!
Also, remember that the party will be open until Monday night. On Wednesday, I will feature the #1 link that ROCKS (the most viewed). I will also showcase my 3 favorites. And to entice you just a little more, the #1 link that ROCKS will also get to be a guest blogger at a future date (of course only if the winner wants too)...Sounds like fun, right?


Anonymous said...

LOL! I thought my stepdaughters were the only ones that climbed door frames! I thought it was crazy hilarious the first time I saw the 7 year old do it! Crazy kids!! :D

MrsFoxsSweets said...

Thanks for hosting! Such a cute little boy you have!

cheap dissertation writing services said...

Yeah, i will also participate in this You Rock contest. I am having so many memorable pictures of my kids in which they are doing naughty acts. I am hoping to win the contest.

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