September 22, 2011

It's Official: Joshua is 6

Joshua is one lucky kid.  He gets to celebrate his birthday for an entire month.  Since Josh was born in the HOTTEST month of the year (at least in Texas), there is no way to have a birthday party without having someone pass-out because of the heat. So his birthday party is usually sometime mid- to late September ...still hot but not as hot. Here is the break down of this year's celebration:

First day of school and 6th birthday morning:
Balloons in Bed
Made especially for the birthday boy shirt plus a party at school...on the first day of school.
Dinner at a Chinese restaurant a la buffet style.  Our waitress was so nice that when she overheard us talking about Joshua's birthday, she came out with this. This all came from the buffet...minus the candle...isn't it cute! She made carrot rosettes and carved out the orange...
Fast forward --28 days: The REAL least in Joshua's head.  
There is no turning another year older UNTIL the birthday party...
Mario Birthday Cake and Cupcakes
DIY party streamers
Made just for the birthday boy Mario appliqued shirt
Lots and lots and lots of these...big eyes, smiles and dimples.
 Oh yeah, he also got LOTS and LOTS of presents. 

There you have it...Joshua is officially, like for reals, 6 years old...28 days later.  
Happy Birthday, Joshua, my little baby boy. We love you lots!

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

What a fun party! My boys LOVE Super Mario Bros too. That was so sweet of your waitress at the Chinese Buffet. I can't believe she carved flowers out of an orange peel. Awesome!

You are so talented making your shirts. I love the monster one he wore on his birthday!

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